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About Us

Salina Ship Management Pvt Ltd is established with the great ideology to provide technical and crew management to ship owners as an extended arm of the owner rather than a mere service provider. The company is committed to provide complete and highest standard of integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries

Salina Ship Management Pvt Ltd represents a new era of ship management with a one- stop management service offering all aspects of cost-effective ship management with a quality of the market highest order. SALINA believes in teamwork efforts both within and with the clients to ensure the best possible solutions to any problem on board with the team of highly motivated professionals sharing the same passion for the sea, ships & the personnel that we manage.

Our Visions

Mission Statement

The Company is committed to provide world-class ship management services that meet or exceed safety and environmental requirements as well as, customers’ expectations, and to conduct its operations in a manner which protects the safety, human health, quality of the provided services, the environment and the property. The Company’s Mission statement is:

To set the standards for safe and environmentally friendly sea transportation of goods with modern, technically advanced ships, manned and operated by motivated, professional and well-trained seaborne and shore personnel.

Company’s vision

Company’s vision is to be a leader in the ship management industry, by promoting its safety culture and utilizing new technologies, consistent with its strategic goals and by realizing maximum efficiency through superior management. The Company’s Vision statement is:

To be the leading Company of choice for global sea transportation of oil and chemical cargoes.

Company’s Policy Concept

IMS responsibilities extend throughout the organization from the Managing Director downwards. Everyone is expected to take a personal and constructive role in the drive for efficient and effective operations. All personnel should be familiar and implement the Company’s Policies and objectives. Policies are posted in prominent positions on board managed vessels and at the Company’s premises and are reviewed annually and whenever necessary in order to ensure that they remain valid. All Company’s activities ashore and on-board should be in line with our Policies and objectives.

Intigrated Parties

.Local Authorities

Quality Policy

SALINA SHIP MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED endeavors to earn the confidence of the shipowners, charterers, seafarers and the marine industry and be recognized as a high quality, trustworthy international ship manager. This can only be achieved by providing flawless services that satisfy all relevant requirements. The Company shall always provide professional ship management services to owners and charterers, protect their interests and assets under its care, and fulfill all their expectations.

Environmental Policy

SALINA SHIP MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITED is committed through continuous efforts to improve environmental performance in all areas required by the international regulations, laws and Company’s IMS towards a cleaner environment, and to ensure:
1. Pollution prevention that emphasizes source reduction, including necessary funding and human resources, to effectively maintain the onboard systems, equipment and components.
2.Continuous reduction of environmental risks.
3. Sharing information on environmental performance with external stakeholders.